The official Abrites Battery Support Unit

We are delighted to inform our customers that after years of searching for the correct tool we finally found a solution for all our battery support needs.


The GYSFLASH 100-12 HF is a true 100A high power supply tool with 5 separate functions:

Battery supply of 12 volts
The support unit sustains 12V in liquid or gel batteries during diagnostics.
Battery charging
The unit provides the perfect battery charging cycle for any battery – big or small.
Showroom mode
This mode allows the vehicle to be kept fully awake for longer periods of time in a showroom or during exhibitions.
Battery change
In this mode the vehicle voltage will be maintained in order to preserve the vehicle’s settings.
Fully adjustable high powered stabilized supply
We can adjust the current and voltage. Applicable for more complicated diagnostic operations.


Size Very compact
32×29.2×10.5 cm
Can be placed under vehicle
Weight 6.1 kg
Cooling Without fans (no dust ingress)
Power 230V
Consumption 1.5kW
Protection 125A fuse
BSU Diag: 13.5V, Diag+ and Showroom: 12 ⊳14.8V
User Interface Intuitive and friendly
Supports 8 different languages
Cables Fitted with 2×2.5m – 16mm² cables
Supports longer cables with automatic calibration
Country of origin Made in France

Approved by Abrites

GYSFLASH 100-12 HF has been tested in all the conditions of our work – from standard diagnostic testing, reflashing and exhibition stands. We are very happy with the way it performs in all conditions. We would like to offer it to our customers because we are sure that it will eliminate the common issues faced with other battery support units.

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