SAE J2534 Passthru fully compliant driver for AVDI

The SAE J2534 (a.k.a Passthru) driver
J2534 is an interface standard designed by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and mandated by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for vehicle ECU reprogramming. Its target is to create an API (Application Programming Interface) which would be adopted by all vehicle manufacturers, allowing the Independent Aftermarket (IAM) the ability to reprogram ECU’s without the need for a special dealer-only tool.
The EPS regulation mandates that automotive OEMs must comply with SAE J2534 pass-through reprogramming from model year 2004 and forward for their Powertrain ECU’s. Additionally, the specification includes a provision that allows OEMs to use the J2534 reprogramming method on 1996 through 2003 model year vehicles as long as OEMs make all necessary additional hardware (i.e. cables) available to the aftermarket. If an OEM cannot retroactively implement the J2534 pass-through reprogramming solution with or without special cables, they must make available to equipment and tool companies any information needed to develop aftermarket equivalents of their OEM-specific reprogramming hardware and software. J2534 pass-through reprogramming is mandatory on all vehicles from model year 2004 and onrward, but it is only required for emissions-based ECU’s (e.g. Powertrain, Engine, Transmission). Additional ECU support (Chassis and Body) will be dependent on each individual manufacturer’s implementation priorities and reprogramming application capabilities. Many of manufacturers introducing J2534 not only like reprogramming standard they using it like standard for common diagnostic activities.

Allows aftermarket manufacturers such as Abrites ltd. to use the communication interfaces, produced by them to be used with OEM diagnostics software application Using this driver your AVDI interface will become compliant to SAE J2534-1
Communication Interface with many 3rd party software such as:

VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda/Bentley/Lamborghini ODIS

Toyota/Lexus/Scion Techstream

Honda/Acura HDS

Volvo VIDA (full diagnostic capabilities)

DAS/Xentry – Star Diagnosis (only CAN Bus)

Ford Scanner

BMW – DIS over K-line and CAN bus

BMW – E-Sys, INPA, EDIABAS, NCS Expert, NFS over K-line and CAN bus

Land Rover/Jaguar IDS

Subaru Select Monitor III

Bombardier diagnostic software

GM – Tech2Win diagnostic software



Chrysler J2534 Flash Application
and others

VCI emulator which can allow AVDI to emulate different interface units (like K-line interface, ELM327 interface, ..). Emulation allowing you usage of many additional 3-rd party software’s – Webasto TT, Evinrude Diagnostics, Suzuki/Yamaha Marine Diagnostics Marine Diagnostics and many other