The Abrites diagnostics for Mitsubishi is a professional diagnostic software application designed for the vehicles from the Mitsubishi Motors group. It is a high-quality diagnostics system, which is an indispensable part of the work of the professional garage.

Abrites Diagnostics for Mitsubishi is a genuine competitive alternative to the OEM software options providing quicker diagnostics, programming and reflashing of all CAN-based vehicles compared to other Mitsubishi diagnostic tools.

The “Abrites diagnostics for Mitsubishi” contains standard diagnostic functions, such as reading identification data, reading/clearing fault codes (DTCs) (description of DTCs is available in different languages – Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish), scanning for available control units in the car, coding/adaptations, displaying of actual values (measured parameters), reading/programming of flash Engine Control Units and output tests.

Special Functions Descriptions and Pricing available for the Abrites Diagnostics for Mitsubishi:

Reading and updating ECU’s flash and configuration memory by diagnostic for EDC15 ECUs.

This function is designed to assist in the module exchange for the ECUs in Mitsubishi Motors vehicles. It works with both new and used ECUs.

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The key programming function currently works by utilizing CAN-BUS interface. Soon we will provide support for  vehicles with K-Line interface. Keys can be programmed when the pin code of the vehicle is known. The Mitsubishi diagnostics has a database of default pin codes. The pin code can be changed with the Mitsubishi diagnostics. If the pin code is changed – next time when a key is programmed the new pin code should be used.

Supported vehicles for key learning by OBDII:

L200 (2006-2011) Eclipse (2006-2011)
L200 Hunter (2011+) Galant (2006-2011)
Mitsubishi 380 (2006-2009) Endeavor (2006-2011)
Mitsubishi Challenger (2009-2012) Lancer (2007-2011)
Hunter (2007-2011) Outlander (2007-2011)
Pajero (2006-2011) Colt (2006-2011)
Grandis (2006-2011) Raider (2005-2009)
Shogun (2006-2011) ASX (2011-2013)
Montero (2006-2011) Triton (2006-2011)

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