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December 27, 2015
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Mercedes Speed Filter

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Mercedes Speed Filter

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Our Mercedes Filters Will Freeze ALL MODULES inside of car.  We guarantee this 1000% or double your money back.  What it reads on dash will read on every other module!!!  This is NOT A CAN FILTER, it can be REMOVED FROM THE VEHICLE, WITH NO JUMPING OF MILES IN ANY MODULES.  IT CAN THEN BE REFITTED WHEN YOU RECEIVE BACK FROM DEALER!

Hello so to add to collection and ONLY WAY AVAILABLE FOR W222 is new speed filter. I have others which I’ll list below, but this is only thing available PERIOD for new W222. The way my filter works is 3 minute install, dash is removed, you take cable out of dash, plug into factory loom on my filter, and other end of filter you connect back into dash. You then hold button on steering wheel for 5 seconds and all modules in car freeze, car thinks it is going 0km, so all modules in car FREEZE. No need to turn anything back, everything always matches 1000% or triple your money back!

W166/204/212 Filter

This you use cruise control stalk, twice back and half km in dash and every modules, four time back 0 km in dash and all modules

This you use cruise control stalk, twice back and half km in dash and every modules, four time back 0 km in dash and all modules

We Also have Modules for A & B class <Please Inquire>

**Pictures and Manuals have been removed as we do not want them all over the internet.  If you purchase a filter you will be provided with an install guide.  If you require more information, Please email us

Contact me for Video Presentation

Additional information

W222/205/447/GTS AMG 450eu, w212/w204/w166/w245/w117 450eu, w221/216/164/x164 450eu

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Mercedes Speed Filter

  1. Anthony Giradi
    5 out of 5


    Most incredible device I’ve ever used. Forget about can filters, this is on a whole other level! If you want to have 1000% being in control of your own km’s, being able to take out and remove at will and nothing jumps back this is the only device. Undetectable, slick, factory looms and connectors, Get them while he still has them in stock!

  2. Stephen M.
    5 out of 5


    Bought 5 units from him, 3 x 212/204 and 2×222/205 modules. The install took under 5 minutes for each one, customers are going nuts that they can control every module on there own. No need to do any odometer correction anymore, this makes that un-neccessary. Also the fact it can be removed, reinstalled if you need to bring in for warranty work without km’s jumping back like a nonsense can filter really makes all the difference in the world!!

  3. Steve Mc
    5 out of 5


    Hey Frankie, filter arrived at the weekend, I fitted it and gave it a go, great bit of kit works as described, happy ML W166 driver lol


    Good to know it will work with a couple of other models too, if you get a change can you send me a wee Mail with comparable Mercs incase I require to swap it to another model ?

    Also I have a friend that may like one for BMW ? If you can tell me comparable models available with BMW filter ?

    Thanks again impressive tool love it

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