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December 23, 2015
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MN025 -Infra Red and NEC password reader


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This software works with IR AVDI cable (ZN036).To calculate ESL Dump you can contact our Partner Simon Touch at

You can program an EXTRA key if you have an existing key for the vehicles with a NEC MCU. Supported existing keys should be NEC v. 51 or v. 57. The operation itself is quite simple and straight forward – read data from EIS (through IR cable without removing the EIS), read the data from the existing key with ABPROG, software will then generate the online content of the new key for you and you should then program it with ABPROG.

Supported vehicles (non keyless keys, NEC and MOTOROLA EIS):

A-class W169 ( 2004-2010)
B-class W245 ( 2005-2010)
C-class W203 (2003-2007)
C-class W204 (2007-2009)
CL-class W215 (2001-2006)
CL-class W216 (2005-2009)
CLK-class W208 (2001-2002)
CLK-class W209 (2003-2008)
CLS-class W219 (2004-2009)
E-class W210 (2001-2002)
E-class W211 (2002-2007)
E-class W212 (2009-2010)
GL-class X164 (2006-2009)
G-class W463 (2002-2009)
R-class W251 (2005-2009)
M-class W164 (2005-2009)
S-class W220 (2001-2005)
S-class W221 (2005-2009)
SL-class R230 (2001-2009)
SLK-class R171 (2004-2009)
Vito/Viano W639 (2004-2009)
Sprinter W906 (2005-2009)

This software works with IR AVDI cable (ZN036).

New AVDI Interface or activate AMS is required to purchase this special functions.

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