ABRITES Diagnostics for Nissan/Infiniti 5.1
February 17, 2016
February 17, 2016

ABRITES Diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart 7.5

Extended functionality of “DAS Manager” – free for all current owners of MN022+MN023+MN024 special functions.

– Reading security related data (FBS data a.k.a hashes) from the EZS/EIS, Engine Control Units, Transmission Control Units, ISM / ESM, Steering Lock (ELV/ESL) by DIAGNOSTIC connection.
– Resetting security related units to their factory default state, in order to prepare them for retrofitting in a different vehicle by DIAGNOSTIC connection.
– Personalization of all security related units – programming of the  needed security related data for proper operation of the unit when fitting it to the vehicle.
– Activation of all security related units.
– IR-adapter includes the  ability to emulate Green/Gray keys needed for personalization of EZS/EIS and Steering Lock (ELV/ESL).
– Emulation of a real IR-key using the  IR-adapter
– Coding data reading and programming for security related units (transmission type, VIN, part name, SCN coding, …)
– Improved EZS/EIS password extracting by IR-adapter for EZS/EIS equipped with motorola HC912/HC908

No need for any kind of tokens!

All calculations (password reset /hashes or ELV/ESL passwords) are automatic and free for users with active AMS and the special functions above.

We would like to inform you that we recently had the opportunity to add additional features to the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes 7.5. Due to this recent discovery we would like to inform you that the update will be ready after January 18. We apologize for the extra time this will take but would like to assure you that the final product will provide a lot more than what was initially expected.

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